NEW Homeroom Websites

Our teachers have recently created new homeroom websites. These website are intended to act as a form of communication between your child's teacher and you.


On your child's homeroom website you will find spelling words, the yearly Bible Memory, classroom newsletters/calendars and a wealth of other information. You can also reach your child's teacher via email using the Contact page built into the website. We encourage you to take a few minutes and explore these new homeroom websites!


K - A/B - Mrs. Halbersma

K - C/D - Mrs. Vanderlinde

Music - Mrs. Allen

1A - Mrs. Vader

1B - Mrs. Christensen

1C - Mrs. Mol

2A - Mrs. Thornton/Mrs. Taylor

2B - Mrs. Breitkreuz      

2C - Mrs. Pelster/Mrs. Dawe

3A - Mrs. McCoy/Miss Demchuk       

3B - Mr. Ostapowich 

3C - Mrs. Koppel

4A - Miss Eisner/Mr. Johnson

4B - Miss Roussel/Mrs. Doupe

4C - Miss Schellenberg

5A - Mrs. Stadnyk

5B - Mr. Balzer

5C - Mrs. Lee

6A - Mrs. Maxwell

6B - Mr. Foster

6C - Ms. Collins